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White Mamba Drone Reeds

White Mamba Drone Reeds
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White Mamba Drone Reeds
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  • Model: MGWMDR
  • Weight: 2.00lb
MG Carbon White Mamba Drone Reeds 
New to the market after a year of trials, the MG white mambas, as they have been nicknamed, are proven winners. The introduction of the unique paddle shaped tenor tongues to our bagpipe reeds, give improved stability and strike in. In comparison to the original carbons, they are a little livelier, however they do not have the over buzz normally associated with carbon-tongued reed

Features of MG White Carbon Drone Reeds:  
  • Plastic reed bodies
  • All carbon fiber tongues for tonal quality 
  • Contoured tenor tongues for mellower, balanced sound
  • Flat rubber bridles for secure settings 
  • Locking pitch adjuster screws

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