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Practice Strategies That Cause Musical Improvement by Dr. Stef Burns

Practice Strategies That Cause Musical Improvement by Dr. Stef Burns
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Practice Strategies That Cause Musical Improvement by Dr. Stef Burns
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f you practice frequently and consistently, your musical skills should rightly be improving.

If not, this is about HOW you are practicing, and NOT about who you are.

There should be NO doubt in your mind that you CAN become a better player.

As musicians mature in their playing abilities and begin to perform, many will maintain a genuine desire to continuously improve their playing skills. Indeed, they can see this as a life-long pursuit. But over time it seems their practice no longer leads to the changes they are striving for.Today, research has led to a much better understanding of the ways to practice that will lead to improvement and the ways that will not. Many players simply do not practice in a way that will cause fundamental changes in the skills related to higher-quality playing.This book illuminates the path toward continuous improvement in the development of musical skills for the seasoned player.

The creation of this book was aided by the insights of Jack Lee, Stuart Liddell, J. Reid Maxwell & Steven McWhirter.


"A must read for any Piper, Drummer, Dancer or Performer who wishes to implement scientific strategies that will improve their performance no end. I have used these strategies personally and highly recommend this book by my drumming student and good friend Stephanie Burns, Ph.D"

Steven McWhirter

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