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Offworld BYOSphere Practice Pad

Offworld BYOSphere Practice Pad
Offworld BYOSphere Practice Pad
Offworld BYOSphere Practice Pad
Offworld BYOSphere Practice Pad
Offworld BYOSphere Practice Pad
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  • Model: OWPBYOS
  • Weight: 8.00lb

The BYOSphere™ offers the popular features of our Outlander™ Large, the advanced modular design of the Aurora Series™, and the passion and visual flair of the incomparable BYOS™ team.

Features include:

11 1/2" overall diameter to easily fit in any backpack

9 1/4" DarkMatter™ playing surface

A "cool gray" version of our patented rim over a beautiful white Birch base

Comes standard with the adjustable Snare Puck and 8mm Cymbal Mount.

The Aurora™ Series harnesses the power of magnetism allowing varying items the ability to quickly connect for multiple playing modes:

  • 1) UAV mode (nothing connected) lends each pad a clear musical tone, especially in the center 4 inches, the perfect feedback to let you know when you are dead-on.
  • 2) Solar Flare mode (3" Snare Puck inserted) adds a bright nuanced SNARE sizzle to each stroke and narrows the variance between center and edge playing.  The new and improved puck is made up with stainless steel "zills", aka jingles, and it is fully adjustable to give you as much or as little sizzle as your ear desires. 
  • 3) Coupled mode (3" Docking Module inserted) boosts the articulation greatly and increases the tonal variance from edge to center. The module allows for connection to any 8MM (default) platform I.E the Kilpatrick Multipad harness Adapter.

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