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Premier Professional Series Bass Drum

Premier Professional Series Bass Drum
Premier Professional Series Bass Drum
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  • Model: PPBD
  • Weight: 50.00lb

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The name Premier is synonymous with quality and musicality and they have revolutionized the sound of the modern pipe band.

The revolutionary Turnbuckle Tensioning System that is unique to Premier provides quick and simple setting and is the only solution for pitch-perfect tuning and the truly free-floating shell means un-restricted resonance and beautiful tone. These technologies combined with the huge range of sizes available allow un-matched tuning possibilities and limitless musical arrangement.

  • 2mm 4-ply birch shell with 5mm support hoops
  • Unique 'key-free' turnbuckle tensioning system
  • Free-floating shells allow unrestricted resonance
  • Wooden counterhoops add to the free 'open' sound
  • Silver powder-coated turnbuckles
  • Weather resistant design, ideal for outdoor performance
  • Gleneagles drumheads by Remo USA

Four major colors are listed in the options, although a wide range of premium options are also available (shown being 'red sparkle fade lacquer'). Please contact us if you have a specific request.

Please contact us for a pipe-band quote. Further special finishes are also available, please contact us for more information. 

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