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Andante Reactor Snare Drum

Andante Reactor Snare Drum
Andante Reactor Snare Drum
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  • Model: ARSNR
  • Weight: 18.00lb

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Following several years of extensive research and development, Andante presented The Next Generation Reactor Snare Drum in 2012.

The Drum features a completely re-designed bottom assembly, which allows the fully free-floating shell to contact the bottom head, intensifying the projection and dynamic range.

The Next Generation Reactor Drum fuses technology with sound and produces world class results consistently.

Special alloys used for strength, reducing weight for the players' comfort: Weight: 15lb/6.80kg. Shell consists of 2 x 3ply layers of Birch strengthened with a 3ply Birch reinforcement ring. This provides increased response and brightness of tone. Easy to tune, features a new top tension ring profile with a 20 screw helicoil tension system. This enables the  production of  a clear sound whilst reducing the risk of head damage. Features a re-designed 12 screw bottom tension ring, new suspension ring profile, revised snareguards and re-designed bottom snare strainers. Rigorous quality control checks at each stage of production ensures the continuity of excellence and reliability.

Please contact us for a pipe-band quote. Special finishes are also available, please contact us for more information. 

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