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In Tune Microphone

In Tune Microphone
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In Tune Microphone
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InTune™ Mic is the world’s first wireless clip-on instrument microphone for smartphones. Perfect tuning on any device, anywhere.

Get in tune. Easily and on your own.  Finally, a way to harness the power of your smartphone to tune your pipes quickly and easily. Achieve perfectly tuned pipes every time you play. With confidence and independence.

Ultra-light and super compact.  Attaches securely to your instrument. Fully adjustable 360 degrees for your perfect microphone position. Unbelievably light at just 22g/0.7 ounces.

Ready. Quick. March. Pipers don’t stand or sit still when we play. We move, we march, we wander. Keep your pipes in tune everywhere you go — inside, outside, at band practice, at the Highland Games.

Plug and play. It just works. No set up required. Turn on the mic, plug the receiver into your device, launch your favorite tuning app, and go.

Compatible with all your devices and your favorite apps. Works with iOS & Android phones and tablets. Also works with Windows & Mac computers, tuner apps, audio recorders, camera, video chat, and any app that uses sound input.

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