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Fly Plaid

Fly Plaid
Fly Plaid
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The over the shoulder fly plaid, is the simplest of the three plaid options.

Made with 2 to 3 yards of cloth, our plaids are available in a wide choice of tartans. The fringe is 'purled', meaning that it's been twisted and knotted. 

If you're unsure how many yards your plaid should be, please get in contact. 

Please note that House of Edgar Mediumweight, Regimental and Old and Rare are single-width cloths, so the plaid will have a discreet join.

These can be pleated to the stripe (standard for military dress) or to the sett, depending on how you want it to match to your kilt. 

Making time is generally around 4-6 weeks.

Tartan Finder Disclaimer:

As each of the mills has supplied their own images, or they have been taken from fabric samples, please note that the setts are not to scale when comparing tartans of different mills. Also, as screen resolutions vary, colours may differ slightly from those seen here. If unsure, we’d encourage you to purchase a swatch of the fabric before buying.

Tartan Ranges supported (contact us if there's something else you're after):

  • Marton Mills Jura (heavyweight) and Bute (mediumweight)
  • House of Edgar Nevis (+£25)
  • Lochcarron Braeriach (+£25)
  • Lochcarron Strome (+£40)
  • House of Edgar Mediumweight (single width +£72)
  • House of Edgar Old and Rare (mediumweight +£120)
  • House of Edgar Regimental (heavyweight +£120)

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