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Bannatyne Willie McCallum Hybrid Pipe Bag with Zip

Bannatyne Willie McCallum Hybrid Pipe Bag with Zip
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Bannatyne Willie McCallum Hybrid Pipe Bag with Zip
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  • Model: H-PB02B
  • Dimensions: 31.00cm x 13.00cm x 20.00cm

In a short time zip bags have revolutionized piping for a large number of players.

Easily fitted, stocks are slid and clamped into place whilst the zip gives internal access that allows a piper to benefit from the wide variety of moisture control systems and valves that can be fitted. This double skin bag is finished in leather and gives all the benefits of the new generation of synthetic pipe bags whilst retaining the feel and, some would argue, the resonance of traditional hide bags.

This pipe bag is supplied with a bottle water trap and fixings.

The new Willie McCallum Custom bag is designed to be a better ergonomic fit for pipers. It is very slightly bigger in girth than a small but is shaped quite differently in front of the drones to allow greater freedom on the forearm, which can often bear the weight of the pipe with other shapes.

Pipe Bag Sizes:
  • Small – Depth 228mm x Length 610mm
  • AG Extended Small – Depth 241mm x Length 648mm
  • Medium – Depth 267mm x Length 648mm
  • Large – Depth 292mm x Length 724mm
  • Willie McCallum Custom – Depth 267mm x Length 700mm

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