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Fred Morrison Second Collection

Fred Morrison Second Collection
Fred Morrison Second Collection
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Fred Morrison Collection book

The 21st in his series of books.

The extensive first volume of Fred's own compositions, featuring many popular tunes, such as Frances Morton's, Drumbuie, The Lochaber Badger, Seonaidh's Tune, The Aird Ranters and Up South.

Full Contents

Aird Ranters
Alasdair's Reel
Archie Mac Lullich
Armel Denis' Welcome To South Uist
Beach, The
Big Duncan's Reel
Big Picnic, The
Bolt, The
Calum Ruaraidh Mac Innes Of Bornish, South Uist
Carlos Barral Of Oviedo
Cathy Anne Mac Phee's Jig
Ceilidh In The Convent
Chicken And The Turkey, The
Didi's Tune
Donald John Mackinnon
Down North
Flying Fiddles, The
Frances Morton's Hornpipe
Hamish Moore's Reel
Iain Morrison Jnr. Of Back, Lewis
Ian Todd's Strathspey//Reel
Irish Embassy, The
Jamie's Tune
Jim Hood's Fancy
Jose Ramon Of Guadarrama
La Paulettina
Lawrence Thompson's Reel
Leaving Lochmaddy
Lisardo Lombardia Of Asturias
Lochaber Badger, The
Lochaber To Argyll
Lochaber To Argyll (Basic Version)
Loic Denis' Welcome To South Uist
Machair, The
Manitoba, The
Mark Sheridan's Hornpipe
New Year's Day
Out Of Bed
Passing Places
Road East, The
Rocket Range, The
Seonaidh Morrison
Seonaidh's Tune
Sheenagh's Waltz
Sound Of Sun, The
Tony's Tune
Universal Hall
Up South

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