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Fred Morrison Outlands

Fred Morrison Outlands
Fred Morrison Outlands
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Fred Morrison Outlands book

The 3rd in his series of books.

Containing each of the tunes on the Outlands album.  Many of the variations have been scored, as played by Fred, and there are some Highland pipe arrangements also.

Dannsa Rathaidh : Strathspey
Dannsa Rathaidh : Reel
Train Journey North : Hornpipe
Gabriella’s Jig : Jig
The Little River : Reel
The Wildcat : Reel
The Wildcat : Reel (Bagpipe Version)
Leaving Uist : Waltz
The Lochaber Badger : Reel
Seonaidh’s Tune : Strathspey
Calum Campbell of Benbecula : Strathspey
Steve Byrne’s Jig : Jig
Nameless : Slow Air
Nameless : Slow Air (Bagpipe Version)
Outlands : Hornpipe
The Leafy Lane : Reel
Downtown : Reel
Kansas City Hornpipe : Hornpipe
Kansas City Hornpipe : Hornpipe (Bagpipe Version)
Jarlath’s : Hornpipe
Matheu Watson’s : Reel
Drumcross : Reel
The Morrisons of Gerinish : Reel
The Hard Drive : Hornpipe
The Hard Drive : Reel

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