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SGT1PB2 Piper Sporran

SGT1PB2 Piper Sporran
SGT1PB2 Piper Sporran
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: L-SGT01PB2 Piper
  • Weight: 4.00lb
  • Dimensions: 23.00cm x 18.00cm x 3.00cm

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A pipe band sporran made from real leather with a runic design metal cantle.

Made on our premises in Glasgow, Scotland using the finest materials. This sporran is made to order and the delivery time 4 weeks.

This sporran features an engraved disc where you can brand the sporran with your band logo or Clan crest. Pipe Band discounts are available.

A free sporran chain is included. Please select the waist size you require.

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