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Piper Feather Bonnet

Piper Feather Bonnet
Piper Feather Bonnet
Piper Feather Bonnet
Piper Feather Bonnet
Piper Feather Bonnet
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  • Model: G-FB
  • Weight: 15.00lb

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Piper Range Feather Bonnet. A top quality, No.1 dress, Feather Bonnet made from Ostrich feathers. Secure and comfortable with adjustable head band to ensure a perfect fit. The most common dicing used is either red and white or red, black and white, we stock these dicing patterns while other combinations are available on a made to order basis.

While we stock the most popular sizes we may have to order your feather bonnet. The delivery time from placing an order is 4 weeks.

Measurements should be taken round the head where the bottom of the hat will sit.

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