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Deluxe Brushes - Set of 2. Our latest addition to our range of essential bagpipe maintenance items. Microfiber brushes that absorb moisture and also clean the inside of the drones and blowpipe. Regular cleaning of bagpipe bores will prevent the wood and hemp from expanding and contracting which can ..
The Pipe Chanter Deburring System is an ideal tool to sharpen notes on the pipe chanter. We advise undercutting the top of the holes only rather than changing the shape of the hole. We have included a fine tip suitable for altering the top hand notes. Please call or email us for advice. ..
Regularly changing chanter tape will keep the chanter ready for quick and accurate tuning which is essential for achieving the bext possible sound.  This premium tape sticks to the chanter, holding it's position well without leaving a residue. The thickness and width of the tape ensure it doesn'..
Yellow Waxed Hemp 50g. Ideal for forming seals around all joints on the pipes and especially on tuning slides...
Cloth Brushes - Set of 4 This set of cloth bagpipe brushes are an essential maintenance product for keeping the bores and blowpipe dry and clean. Drone reeds performance and stability will be affected by a build up of moisture therefore it is essential to dry the drones after practice sessions, comp..
Mouthpiece Protectors Pack of 2 - using food grade quality material they prolong the life of the plastic mouthpiece. Available in BLACK onlyTip: Run under hot water before stretching over the top of your blowpipe.   ..
The R.G. Hardie plastic pipe chanter split stock set allows the chanter to be removed without damaging the reed. This is an excellent product for beginners or young pipers who have a tendency to chip the corner off the reed when removing the chanter from the stock. It will help save money on reeds w..
Nylon Brushes - Set of 4.These bagpipe brushes are an essential maintenance product for keeping the bores and blowpipe clean. Regular cleaning of bagpipe bores will improve the performance and longevity of the bagpipes...
Three rubber drone corks - one bass and two tenors.A simple and very useful way of temporarily stopping drones without the need for reed manipulation. Great for tuning, warming up and an essential part of a piper's kit.These corks fit into the top of the drones...
Set of 5 rubber stock corks. Essential maintenance item allowing a piper to block the stocks to check the bag is airtight. They are also necessary for seasoning a leather pipe bag...
The key to great bagpipe tone is steady bag pressure. The Bagpipe Gauge is an incredibly powerful tool to help pipers improve their steadiness. It gives you instant visual feedback, showing you the exact amount of pressure required to play your pipes and showing you exactly how steady you are keepin..
Pack of 10 Chanter Reed Bridles. These are essential for reed manipulation, they should be placed on the reed turning the elastic twice to ease the reed while maintaining stability...
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