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The patented Piper's Pal Sealing Rod extends time between recharging the Piper's Pal Alert Cap. The sealing rod does this by sustaining the humidified air around the chanter reed.This will ensure your reed will:Always be ready to playStabilise quickly and remain stable when playedBreak in quicker wi..
Tone Enhancers are inserted in the base of the drone stocks and contain a desiccant which prevents excess moisture from reaching the drone reeds.  A zipper access pipe bag is required for installation (Cannot be used with Ross Canister System).  No adjustment necessary. This products affor..
The tension on the quick stop drone valve is screw adjustable giving greater accuracy and once properly installed to suit your blowing strength the Quick Stop Drone Valves should ensure that you strike your bagpipes in without difficulty, provide a steady flow of air to your drone reeds and close ti..
Yellow Hemp 50g. Ideal for forming seals around all joints on the pipes and especially on tuning slides. This type is useful for accurately placing reeds in the reed seat...
Piper Range Bagpipe Wood Oil is an essential, top quality, wood treatment to preserve and protect bagpipes. A well maintained bagpipe will last for decades and regularly oiling your blackwood bagpipes helps to prevent cracking, warping and damage caused by moisture and temperature. This carefully se..
Made from Delrin this mouthpiece is available in sizes 3.5in, 4.5in and 5.5in. It is suitable for our range of bagpipes and plastic blowpipes using a 30TPI thread which should also match other makers blowpipes...
Reed Protector also known as a false stock allows the bagpipe chanter reed to dry whilst storing an instrument between use helping prevent mildew and prolonging reed life...
The world’s first digital chanter cap with two-way humidity control technology.Stabilize your tone and tuning. Protect your reed from changing weather conditions. Get a consistently great sound every time you play. Anywhere in the world. Save money and hassle with reeds that last 3 to 4 times longer..
The Tone Protector™ Reed Case: Digital Reed Storage with Two-Way Humidity Control.The Tone Protector™ Reed Case is the world’s first digital bagpipe reed storage case with two-way humidity control.  The new Tone Protector™ Reed Case is the world’s best bagpipe reed storage case, offering unparallele..
Black Waxed Hemp 50g. Ideal for forming seals around all joints on the pipes and especially on tuning slides...
Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner features LCD and Analog meters for precision Pipe Band tuning and is easy to use.   The Blair Professional Analog & Digital Bagpipe Tuner is perfect for Pipe Band tuning to achieve a finely tuned pipe section. Both the LCD and Analog meters provide feedback w..
Pipers are urged to clean their instruments.Your bagpipe mouthpiece, pipe bag, drone reeds, reed protector and chanter reed should be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of yeast and other harmful pathogens.The BandSpec Bagpipe Hygiene Spray is an effective disinfectant which helps keep your m..
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