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Practice Pads

Practice Pads
Practice Pads
The state of the art New Jim Kilpatrick Multi Pad Adaptor is a platform for any practice pad fitted with a 8 mm threaded insert.Can be adjusted for the exact playing position of any snare or tenor drummer.The Multi Pad Adaptor can be tilted to give the player an authentic feel when tilting the pad i..
The new Jim Kilpatrick Pro Pad practice pad is designed to give drummers of all styles the widest range of options possible.The pad is supplied with interchangeable inserts, including a revolutionary white Mylar pad designed for solo and drum corps, and a grey silent workout foam pad ideal for pract..
The BYOSphere™ offers the popular features of our Outlander™ Large, the advanced modular design of the Aurora Series™, and the passion and visual flair of the incomparable BYOS™ team.Features include:11 1/2" overall diameter to easily fit in any backpack9 1/4" DarkMatter™ playing surfaceA "cool gray..
INVADER™ V3 Original SeriesThe INVADER™ V3 boasts a slick, other-worldly design unrivaled by any other drum practice pad on the planet!Featuring:Offworld's Patented 360˚, stick-saving RIM™ available in Black or RedOffworld's signature Darkmatter™ playing surface (a revolutionary feel and articulatio..
The Aurora™ Series harnesses the power of magnetism allowing varying items the ability to quickly connect for multiple playing modes:1) UAV mode (nothing connected) lends each pad a clear musical tone, especially in the center 4 inches, the perfect feedback to let you know when you are dead-on.2) So..
The award winner Hugh Cameron's Regular Practice Pad. Soft design to give full bounce and a clear, consistent sound. Diameter 26cm, 3cm deep...
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