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Andante Adaptor for Jim Kilpatrick Snare Carrier. Adaptor enables Andante snares to be used with Kilpatrick harness...
OPTION TO CHOOSE WITH, OR WITHOUT ABS BRACEJim Kilpatrick Folding Bass Carrier Lightweight bass carrier designed by Jim Kilpatrick.  Many adjustment options, folds for storage, fits pipe band bass drums.Features of Jim Kilpatrick Folding Pipe Band Bass Drum Carriers:Lightweight aluminum tubes Contou..
Jim Kilpatrick Premier/Pearl Harness Adapter
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This part attaches the Kilpatrick snare carrier to a Premier or Pearl snare drum.(The Kilpatrick carrier includes this part.)..
Jim Kilpatrick Folding Snare Carrier, with option to add ABS back braceLightweight snare carrier designed by Jim Kilpatrick.Many adjustment options, folds for storage, fits Pearl and Premier pipe bands snare drums.An adapter is needed for use with Andante Snare drums. Features of Jim Kilpatrick Fold..
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