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Drumming Accessories

Drumming Accessories
Drumming Accessories
Experience the ultimate precision and power with Ace Percussion Tenor Sticks. Crafted with utmost care, these drumsticks deliver unmatched control and durability. Perfectly balanced and designed for tenor drummers, they offer a comfortable grip and enhance your rhythm. Made from high-quality materia..
Andante Adaptor for Jim Kilpatrick Snare Carrier. Adaptor enables Andante snares to be used with Kilpatrick harness...
Jim Kilpatrick Premier/Pearl Harness Adapter
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This part attaches the Kilpatrick snare carrier to a Premier or Pearl snare drum.(The Kilpatrick carrier includes this part.)..
The LR-40 attaches to the tension rods of snare or tenor drums without any additional tools.It allows the drum to rest on your knee and has the ability to tilt up and down, as well as rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, for the most comfortable fit.The Pearl LR-40 was designed to attach up to a 2..
5mm drum key for Andante drums. Suitable for the reactor range and Andante tenor & bass drums...
Chrome plated Pearl High Tension Drum Key, fits all standard Bass and Tenor Drums and other high-tension snare drums.Measures  16cm in the handle and 8cm shaft. ..
Drum key specifically designed for the Premier ranger of high tension drums...
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