Three years ago I contacted my friend Lee Forshner, from Dropkick Murphy's, asked me about getting a set of bagpipes that would really catch people's attention.

I told him that I knew the perfect people for the task, and contacted Alastair Dunn of R.G. Hardie in Glasgow Scotland to start the design process.

For the next two years we had an extensive email chain between  Lee, DKM management, RG Hardie and myself.

The result is the beautiful set of blackwood pipes you now see being played around the world, The Official Dropkick Murphy's Bagpipes, by R.G. Hardie.

Dropkick did a very nice reveal video of the bagpipes, which Lee played during their St. Paddy's concert this past March, in Boston.

Sets of these gorgeous bagpipes have gone coast to coast in the United States, Germany, South America, Canada and Japan.

A portion of every set sold goes directly to The Claddagh Fund, which is Dropkicks official charity.

I am humbled, and proud to be able to support such a fine charity, while providing customers with this GORGEOUS set of blackwood bagpipes.

Thanks to my loyal customers, I was able to present the band with a sizeable donation check at their last concert in Dallas, and received a "Thank You" from Ken live during the concert.

I appreciate your continued support, and look forward to seeing the boys in concert soon!