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08 Dec Fred Morrison Collection Now Available At Lone Star Piper
Jeremy D 0 37
The entire 3 volume collection from the legendary Fred Morrison, is now available from Lone Star Piper.Fred is known for his amazing hair, witty banter and creative genius.These volumes have an EXTENS..
06 Dec Matt Willis Review Of The RG Hardie Practice Goose
Jeremy D 0 116
Link to Matt Willis with his brief breakdown, and review of the RG Hardie Practice Goose.A fantastic, and affordable practice option for beginner pipers learning how to transition to a full set of bag..
05 Dec Eric MacNeill, and Derek Cooper To Host FREE Monthly Workshops For EUSPBA Drummers
Jeremy D 0 90
Its fantastic to see the efforts being out into helping pipe band drummers in North America, specifically from the EUSPBA, and its board members.Drumming tutors are few, and far between in the US, and..
04 Dec Fantasy Pipe Band
Jeremy D 0 493
Everyone is eager for the 2022 Pipe Band Season, and in anticipation of band returning to the grass, we have put together a You Pick Em Fantasy League for pipe band fanatics.The league is free to join..
02 Dec Stef Burns To Release 3rd Book In Bagpipe & Drum Focused Series
Jeremy D 0 102
Latest post by Dr. Stef"Well here we are, coming to the end of another extraordinarily different kind of year. I hope you and your families are well. It's been great to see people starting to meet up ..
01 Dec Pipe Band Competition Season In United States Looking Promising For 2022 Season
Jeremy D 0 184
The 2022 season is looking fantastic, as the year comes to a close.Competitions this year were few, and far between.  From Covid variants, to the Winter Typhoon/Monsoon that hit Charleston, band have ..
30 Nov Saint Andrews Day Is A Day To Reflect, And Help Those In Need
Jeremy D 0 74
A brief history of St. Andrews Day from"Saint Andrew's Day is celebrated on 30 November in remembrance of Scotland’s eponymous patron saint. Patron Saints are said to be protectors and S..
30 Nov Matt Willis Lends His Advice, and Experience On Post Practice Bagpipe Maintenance
Jeremy D 1 96
In his latest video, piper Matt Willis, gives a brief rundown on his post practice maintenance ritual.I asked Matt what the top 3 issues you could encounter with a bagpipe, if they aren't properly mai..
29 Nov Smoky Mountain Highland Games To Expand At New Location
Jeremy D 0 42
From the desk of John V. Rose"Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games.I am in the process of registering the games and inviting judges. We have a few changes this year I want to let you know about..
29 Nov Dropkick Murphy's Bagpipes A Resounding Success
Jeremy D 1 202
Three years ago I contacted my friend Lee Forshner, from Dropkick Murphy's, asked me about getting a set of bagpipes that would really catch people's attention.I told him that I knew the perfect peopl..
24 Nov New Grade 3 Pipe Band Forms In Houston
Jeremy D 0 113
Several former St Thomas, and Hamilton Pipe Band members have formed a new Grade 3 band in Houston Texas.There are currently 3 bands in Houston.  The G4 Houston HighlandersG3 St Thomas school bandG1 S..
23 Nov Kerr McQuillan wins Livi Invitational Solo competition
Jeremy D 1 160
Kerr McQuillan of KMQ Drumming, and Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band won the Livi Invitational snare solo competition for 2021.Kerr was playing an Andante Next Generation Reactor Snare Drum, fam..
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