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Deluxe Brushes - set of 2

Deluxe Brushes - Set of 2. Our latest addition to our range of essential bagpipe maintenance item..


Pipe Chanter Deburring System

The Pipe Chanter Deburring System is an ideal tool to sharpen notes on the pipe chanter. We ..


Yellow Waxed Hemp 50g

Yellow Waxed Hemp 50g. Ideal for forming seals around all joints on the pipes and especially on t..


Cloth Brushes - set of 4

Cloth Brushes - Set of 4 This set of cloth bagpipe brushes are an essential maintenance product f..


Mouthpiece Protector

Mouthpiece Protectors Pack of 2 - using food grade quality material they prolong the life of the ..


Practice Chanter Reed Absorber

BandSpec BLUE Reed AbsorbThe BandSpec BLUE Reed Absorb attaches to the practice chanter reed to soak..


Bagpipe Drone Corks

Three rubber drone corks - one bass and two tenors.A simple and very useful way of temporarily stopp..


Bagpipe Stock Corks

Set of 5 rubber stock corks. Essential maintenance item allowing a piper to block the stocks to c..


Cane Drone Reed Bridles

Drone Reed Bridles - set of 3. These orange bridles are excellent for cane drone reeds. Over time..


Chanter Reed Bridles

Pack of 10 Chanter Reed Bridles. These are essential for reed manipulation, they should be placed..


Reed Protector - Practice Chanter

We introduced this reed protector for our blackwood chanter range due to a common problem where t..