Moisture Control

Moisture Control
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Split Stock Tube and End Cap 2-3 Days

Split Stock Tube and End Cap

Flexi tube and end cap for the split stock water trap. The tube collects excess moisture which can b..


Split Stock Water Trap 2-3 Days

Split Stock Water Trap

The split stock water trap comprises a plastic stock, which is in two parts, together with a flex..


Bagpipe Drone Moisture Control System

Moisture Control System (MCSII) reduces moisture before it hits your drone reeds. The Moisture Contr..


Bottle Water Trap

A simple and cost effective device for removing moisture from the bagpipes. This product is only ..


Highland Reeds Split Stock Moisture Tube

This product offers the same wonderful features of the Moisture Tube (MT) but is designed for hide/s..


Moisture Tube

This new product is lightweight and very effective with purpose-built components.Fitting your bagpip..


Tone Protector

The world’s first digital chanter cap with two-way humidity control technology.Stabilize your tone a..


Tone Protector™ Reed Case

The Tone Protector™ Reed Case: Digital Reed Storage with Two-Way Humidity Control.The Tone Protector..


Bannatyne Moisture Control System

A silica gel based Moisture Control System that removes unwanted excess moisture from synthetic p..


Dri-Flo Moisture Control

Easy to install silica gel based moisture control system.Features of the system: Longer pl..


Silica Gel Pack

Silica gels are used in bagpipe moisture control systems as a desiccant to absorb and remove moistur..


Tone Protector Humidity Refill Pack of 2

Pack of 2 84% humidity refill sachets for the Tone Protector.The world’s first digital chanter cap w..


Bagpipe Chanter Moisture Control System

The Chanter Moisture Control System (CMCS) has been designed to reduce moisture from your ..


Ross Moisture Control System

The Ross canister system provides excellent moisture control through drying granules. The amount ..


Trap Dri Moisture Trap

The perfect device for your sheepskin/hide bag. It joins to your existing tube and can slip throu..