Chanter Reeds

Chanter Reeds
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Bandspec Reed Box

The BandSpec Chanter Reed Box is used for protected transportation of up to 6 piper chanter reeds.Pl..


Chesney Pipe Chanter Reeds

Made using only the finest quality cane available, all reeds are individually balanced and tested by..


Melvin Pipe Chanter Reeds

Made by Adrian Melvin, Pipe Major of the Greater Midwest Pipe Band, USA. A talented piper who h..


Piper's Ultimate Reed Poker

The Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker brings reeds back to life and is a must-have to have a world-class b..


Red Practice Chanter Reed

Pack of 4 Red Practice Chanter Reeds. Synthetic blades that are hand tied to produce a warm ..


MacPhee Pipe Chanter Reeds

Donald MacPhee won the Gold Medal at the Northern Meeting Solo Piping Competition. His reeds are kno..


G1 Original Pipe Chanter Reeds

G1 reeds are made solely by John Elliott, using a combination of traditional and innovative techniqu..


G1 Platinum Pipe Chanter Reeds

The G1 Platinum reed is gaining popularity with the top pipe bands. They provide a robust sound that..


Shepherd Pipe Chanter Reeds

The Shepherd flat blade reed is a popular reed with pipe bands and soloists worldwide. They pro..


Tone Protector™ Reed Case

The Tone Protector™ Reed Case: Digital Reed Storage with Two-Way Humidity Control.The Tone Protector..


Chanter Reed Bridles

Pack of 10 Chanter Reed Bridles. These are essential for reed manipulation, they should be placed..